The Pivot Process

If you're ready for...

  • Getting paid your worth so you can improve life for you and your family, while also making you feel like the professional that you are.
  • Feeling valuable and valued so that you can have work that finally reflects your potential, education, and experience.
  • Not having to arm wrestle "the system" 
so you can actually do the work you've amassed a wealth of expertise in.
  • Making the change now, while you still have enough energy to enjoy the money and time.
  • Finding better work and life balance so you have time to take care of your mental and physical health.

You're NOT alone

I was there too. I had spent a lot of time and money getting really good in my field, and I felt like it meant nothing. I wasn't respected. I didn't have any resources. And even though we couldn't do work with real meaning, we did a lot of work! Early mornings, late nights, weekends, and heaps of vacation and sick time that couldn't be taken. In addition to feeling professionally stagnant and incredibly over worked, I wasn't making enough money to live, let alone thrive. I decided I couldn't keep going like that. Something had to change! And so I pivoted – changed careers without a demotion or a pay cut. When that field didn't work out, I did it again, and again, and now I'm here helping other brilliant folks do the same.

Now’s the perfect time to pivot from your current industry into something that more closely aligns to the life you want to lead – better pay, more respect, full resources, and time.

Without having to…

  • Waste hundreds of dollars on a resume that won't get you an interview.
  • Become the expert yourself – know what fields and roles are out there, how to be considered outside your industry, and even where to start.
  • Lose months of time getting no results, having no idea what isn't working and why, and no path forward.


The Pivot Process

A System To Take You From No Idea to New Career

In this coaching program, work through the one of a kind Pivot Process to decide what you want next for you and your work, chart the path to get there, and take action to change your career.

Adventure Awaits!
What We'll Cover During Our Journey

Getting Prepared
This part of the journey typically takes 2-3 months.

Discover ideas of what you should pursue next.

Create your new pivot resume and cover letter.

Update your LinkedIn.

Prepare for interviews.

Setting Sail
This part of the journey typically takes 3-6 months.

Start your job search.

Adjust your strategy as need be.

Review your offers.

Accept your new role, resign, and begin anew.

It's long past time for you to move on

A lot is holding you back:

  • You're waiting for a sign from the universe that it's okay to go and that this is the right timing
  • You feel shame in needing to go – hey, other folks are hanging on without complaint
  • You wonder if maybe it's better somewhere else, some other organization
  • You'll start looking for new work as soon as you're completely *certain* in what you should do next
  • And you also need to know 100% that you'll be a complete success & everything will work out perfectly in the new gig

But the truth is, the universe is busy, there is no shame in taking care of yourself, it's not better elsewhere, you will never be certain, and even if the next move is not perfect, what this process teaches us is that we have the power to change our circumstances...

That's what Christie and Joanna did

Christie Nadratowski
Higher Ed > SaaS Customer Success
Cristin helped me secure a $60k overall raise in my earning potential. It’s hard to imagine doing that on my own! I have been referring her to everyone I know because she is so worth the investment in yourself!

(There's no guarantee that you too would get a $60K raise, but Christie's transparency around money is refreshing, isn't it?)

Joanna Novelo
Small Business Owner > Full-Time Employee
Cristin held my hand through the interview process and acted as my cheerleader the whole time. Had I not decided to work with Cristin, I would probably still be putting in multiple applications and hoping for a callback. Thanks to her, the process was quick and actually fun. Both I and my family are very grateful for Cristin.

Hi, I’m Cristin

Originally, I pivoted industries because I had to. My sanity demanded the change. Soon another change was necessary so I could take care of my family. Friends asked me how I did it, noticing a pattern, and I used my system to help them too. I helped people pivot for a decade before the pandemic and then Great Resignation started. These two events caused entire new needs for pivoting, and I've worked with over 100 people since the Great Resignation started, earning my clients over $1.6 million more than their investment in me in 2022 alone.

I believe we are already worthy. I believe we deserve work that is both fulfilling and pays well, without toxicity and trauma. We deserve time with our families, flexible schedules, and rest. I believe the Pivot Process is how we can find that work.

What we’ll cover inside The Pivot Process
a system that helps people pivot into new careers that more closely align to the life they want to live
 Discover what you want to do next (and not do) and why 

  • In this first phase of the program, we dig deep into what makes up YOU – your skills, desires, talents and more – so we can discover what fields might be a good fit for you.
  • Working through a "What Next?" coaching framework, we analyze all the parts of you that affects what you like to do for work, what you don't like, and why.
  • Building on your completely unique approach to work, we begin to explore potential role types and industries that could be a good match for you.

What you’ll have accomplished after implementing this step: You'll have established clear parameters for your career change and job search, creating a strong and unique foundation that we use throughout your pivot.

 Create your new pivot materials - resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and work samples 

  • Create new, unique sets of materials – resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and work samples – that you can confidently send into your newly chosen industry (or industries!).
  • Using my signature approach to creating a resume reflective of your unique experience, we set you up to be able to quickly and easily apply to every job you're interested in.
  • Whether you're interested in one field specifically or have 5 you're exploring, this approach will cover everything you need to be a contender.

What you’ll have accomplished after implementing this step: You'll have first round documents for your job search, plus the skills to update them yourself.

 Conduct amazing interviews with professionals from a totally new industry 

  • Uncover the key aspects to every kind of interview – in person or virtual, recruiter or hiring manager, culture fit panel or one over supervisor, and everything in between – so you know what to expect and how to present your best self in each situation.
  • In addition to all the aspects of interviews that one would expect to cover as a traditional candidate, we specifically talk about the pivot interview, including how to answer the most common interview questions.
  • In our regularly scheduled "role play" sessions, you'll get a chance to mock interview and get direct feedback from me (waves, Cristin here).

What you’ll have accomplished after implementing this step: You'll know what to expect, how to present yourself, what the potential pitfalls are and how to avoid them, and have an opportunity to practice everything you've learned.

 Navigate the job search in new-to-you fields 

  • Kick-start a job search in a whole new field; learning new sites, new search strategies, and speedy tips so you can get the most out of your time applying.
  • Walk-thru the best sites for finding remote jobs, how to tackle applying more than one industry, and what to do when algorithms only present you options from your current industry.
  • Most importantly, add multiple strategies to your toolkit so you always know what to do try next if your first attempt isn't working.

What you’ll have accomplished after implementing this step: You'll know how and where to start the job search, how to deploy your materials, what to watch out for, and how to get the best results for you, personally.

 Leave your current position and organization and start anew 

  • Remove all the guesswork of what you need to consider, know, and decide when leaving your current employment.
  • Utilizing these simple templates, resign with grace, and avoid the common missteps that people make when leaving a job and industry that has defined their life.
  • Now that you've gotten into your new industry, take these simple tips to establish expertise in your new field, prepare for your next job search today, and build authority in your new space.

What you’ll have accomplished after implementing this step: You'll have simple action plans for both leaving your current job and starting over in both your new job and new field.

What’s Included At All Levels
Immediate access to the complete Step by Step
Private community
11 total hours of content covering the entire process

materials review
content averages 6 minutes per video
Transcripts, captions, videos, audio files, and speed control

Included at the
Group Coaching Level
Live group coaching, hot seats, interview role play, and co-working sessions
 Plug & Play Templates

Resumes, Cover Letters, Resignation Letter, and more

Private Podcast

Listen to answers on the go with your normal podcast app

All for either $50 (community) or $100 (group coaching) per month
A month-to-month subscription, cancel anytime

 You’re perfect for this if…  

  • You have been thinking about leaving your industry for years
  • You've worked 10, 15, 20, 25 years in your current org
  • You have no idea what to try
  • You have 3 or 4 ideas of what to try
  • You know exactly what you want to try!
  • You feel shame around leaving your industry, like you're abandoning the people you were entrusted to care for
  • You have trauma you need to work through on how all this affected you (not that this is therapy, it's not, but we've all got trauma here)

 You might not be a good fit if… 

  • You want to stay in the same role type and industry, without changing anything (You've got this with traditional strategies, Cap)
  • You think all you need is a good resume and the rest is magic (I wish)
  • You prefer a traditional approach to work and the job search AND/OR take them both rather seriously (You will absolutely hate this program/Jokes are life)
  • You believe you need to do this on your own for it to "count" (Recognizing when you need help and being willing to find it is a superpower)

Fire away…
  • Why is this a group coaching program and not one-on-one?
    Helping people pivot absolutely started one-on-one, and it wasn't systematized. But by the time I had worked with 50 people in just a few months, I thought it could be so I outlined it and tried a system on my next 10 clients. I refined it, and tried again on the next 10. By the time I had worked another 50 through the system, I thought it was ready for live cohorts, which I ran until I felt like I could create a group coaching program like this.

    Why did I want to make a group coaching program like this? Primarily because one to one work is expensive and not everyone can afford it. I'm big on creating as much access as possible, and I firmly believe pivoting can change the course of someone's life. Everyone should be able to do this work.
  • When are the live events? Will there be replays?
    There is no set schedule for the live events, but the times will be varied across time zones. Everything will always be recorded and loaded up for you to watch at your own convenience. You can also submit a question in advance, which is especially awesome if you can't make it live, and I'll give you the time code to find your answer.
  • 5-9 months long!?! That seems like forever. Does it really take that long?
    Some people feel like 5-9 months is forever, and some like it's way too short! Let me break it down – Most people take 3 months to identify a new industry, prep materials, and build up their interview skills, but some do it faster. I have seen people go through that section in 1 week! As for applying, the average time in the United States to get a new job used to be 15-16 weeks, but now as of 2023 it is 25-26 weeks. Some folks will take less time, others more.

    Sometimes people come to me more ready to start applying, either because they've been working by themselves for a while or have already been working with another coach, and everything is faster. I've worked with laid-off or fired folks, and we've got a new job in 2 weeks! Sometimes people come to me a bit more confused, with more going on in their life and less time to work together, or an incredibly specific job desire, and then it takes much longer.
  • How does the payment work?
    You can either pay $100/month for the group coaching level or $50/month for the community level. Either way, you get complete access to the system. It's only the level of support that varies. You can also always upgrade or downgrade into a new level if you need to. The monthly payment is automatic and occurs one month to the date after you sign up.
  • Do you give refunds?
    Up to 15 days after sign-up, you can get a no questions asked refund. Your access to the program and community are removed at the same time.

    After that, you can cancel your subscription. Give yourself 3 days before your charge date to make sure it cancels in time.
  • What happens when I get my new job?
    First and foremost, pat yourself on the back! Well done! Definitely come into the community and let us know or send me an email directly.

    Next, there is a whole module in the program about resigning from your current job, things to think about when leaving your employer, and how to start the new gig out on the right foot. I recommend going through that before submitting your letter of resignation.
  • I've decided one on one coaching is a better fit for me. What should I do?
    You can sign up at at either the $500/month or $1000/month levels to get one on one support. At either level, you get access to the group coaching level of this program.

    These one-to-one packages have limited availability, but you can always join the waitlist.
  • Is this program accessible?
    All program content has a video with closed captions and speed control, a private audio podcast available via RSS feed to play on any player, and transcripts. We take accessibility very seriously, and if you need anything, please email
  • I have another question!
    Send me an email at and I am happy to answer you!
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